A creative writing prompt

After leaving the bar, I stummbled drunkly through the park. I hiccuped the smell of whiskey flowing from my lips. I tripped blindly over the air, hoping no one was around, i glanced sideways embarrased. When I looked to my right, a man was standing there smilng at me. My first clear thought was run. But the alcohol chose differently, there was something about him that was drawing me to him. I wanted him. He was dark figure, I couldn’t see his face but I wanted to. I stood up trying not to fall over. I stumbled towards him, “he-ey you. H-h-who are you?” I slurred. He raised his eyes towards me, instantly I knew I was in trouble.

His eyes were a dark crimson red, fangs protruded from his lips. I fell, tripping over my feet, I knew I would never get away, but I had to try. His movements were fluid. He was definately a killing machine. There was no way to get away. I learched to the right, falling to the ground in the process. My breath grew heavy in my chest i could feel deaths grip closing around me.

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