Jonnie Survivor

Jonnie doesn’t like that freaked out guy, the one complaining about survivin’. He outta swallow a bullet and forget it. That guy don’t know shit ‘bout survivin’. Freak Guy walks by grabbing them fruit bars like they were fucking steaks. Those other two aren’t a whole lot better, eating granola like fuckin’ hippies and strokin’ their gun barrels like their in love or somthin’.

Jonnie knows how to survive, been doin’ just that for years, takin’ care of his baby sis. These richers don’t know what its like to go to bed hungry so she could eat. They don’t know just what you have to do to survive on the streets.

But Jonnie is goin’ to survive, cause he is gonna make those bastards pay for taking his baby sis. Oh yeah, all those fuckers will pay, one way or another. No richer, no fuckin’ zombie is gonna stop him for gettin’ some justice.

He stands up and walks toward the corner, toward the sobbin’ girl. He bends down and gives her a twinkie and smiles at her. She sniffs and looks up at him, slowly smilin’.

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