Can He?

His hand tremmbled as he aimed the gun. He didn’t know if he could do it. He had spent his entire life searching for the leader, and now he had found him. Actually he found her.
It was this morning that Mason found out her identity. Only now he wishes he hadn’t. Yes, it’s true, he found the person he’d been searching for his entire life for. The person he trained everyday to kill. The person that killed his sister just last year.
But now he wasn’t sure he could do it. Mason never would have guessed that it would be her. Why? Why couldn’t it be some guy? But no. It had to be a woman. And not just any woman.
It was his wife. The woman he loved with all his heart. The woman he’d die to protect. The woman who knew him better then he knew himself. And now he had to kill her.
“Why?…” Mason asked, voice barely a whisper. She stared at him with cold, calculating eyes.
“Because this is just who I am. I was raised to lead this particular side,” Rose said cooly. Mason’s hand tremmbled even more.
Could he shoot?

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