A New Footless Era

The bitter sweet aroma of spent fireworks filled the air around the sidewalk at the corner of Haven Street and Pine Court. Mixed with the slight smell of blood and drunken screams of agony the atmosphere was beginning to resemble an old cliche war flick. Naturally a crowd began to encircle the panicked youth to gawk and scratch their heads.

July 4th, 2000 had a different meaning for millions of Americans. To some it was a sign that America would continue to prosper into the new millennium. Many more saw it as a bright start towards a better future. Millions more saw it as yet another excuse to get hammered and celebrate the new millennium all over again. Connor McAllister was one of these millions when he excitedly awoke on that fateful morning; however he would forever remember that day as the day he lost both his feet in a tragic rocket rollerblading accident.

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