It's The Same Every Year

Lily frowned at the black cat on her window sill. With a sigh she let it in. The cat mewed at her as it dropped on to the living room floor. It peered up at her with large blue eyes.

“So, it happened again eh?” she said.

The cat followed her to the sofa and jumped on to her lap. Lily raised an eyebrow.

“I’ve half a mind to leave you like this. Maybe that’ll teach you to go snooping around in cauldron’s that aren’t your own.”

The cat began yowling. Lily rolled her eyes.

“All right, all right.” She snapped her fingers and the cat was gone. In it’s place was a teenage girl with pink hair and a huge grin.

“I knew you’d turn me back! I knew it!” Pip flung her arms around her older sister’s neck. “You’re the best, big sister!”

“Yeah, yeah. And you’re under house arrest until October’s over you understand? No wonder the witches put a curse on you every year. You’re more interfering than a witch hunter at a coven.”

Pip grinned. Lily rolled her eyes again. It was going to be another long Halloween.

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