Colour Amidst the Grey

Two girls watched the rain come down in torrents. Their house was big and a creeping chill seemed to permeate every nook and cranny. Far off in the distance thunder boomed but neither of them had seen any lightning yet. Grey shadows covered everything inside and out, drawing out the colour, and giving it a lifeless look.

“I wish we could see the garden.” Liz pouted.

Lissa wished that as well but tried desperately to stay upbeat for her sister’s sake. “I can see it. It’s full of beautiful flowers- wild flowers like fireworks, yellows like fuzzy baby ducks and even some purples.”

“Ah. It sounds so wonderful.” Liz sighed, sinking back against the pillows piled in front of the head board of her bed. She coughed twice, a thick wet sound. “Tell me, is there a rose out there?”

“Yes, Lizzy- a red one, red like the dawning of the sun, or the ripest tomato you’ve ever seen. It’s beautiful. The best roses always bloom for you.”

“That’s ever so nice.” Liz murmured. Then she was still.

Somewhere a red rose bloomed.

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