The Interview

“So who might you be?” Kyle says with supreme authority.

“My name is Declan MacLyntire.”

“Haha! Declan, what type of name is that? Your parents might as well named you Balthazar.” Jeron giggles.

“Shutup Jeron. We have more important issues here.” Kyle pointed. “So we don’t normally get people spontaneously appearing in my room exactly what is going on?”

Declan still in shock said. “I was in the hospital for a car accident, and I guess I went under; I was on the verge of Death. I even spoke to Death.”

You met Death!?” Jeron and Kyle exclaimed

“Did you get his autograph?” Jeron smiled showing all teeth.

Kyle forcefully smacked Jeron. “Please. Just don’t speak!”

“What did you and Death talk about?” Kyle questioned.

“Well believe it or not, Death is a female. She gave me a choice on whether I wanted to live or not because I lived my life neutrally. I chose to live; so Death returned me to the real world.” Declan stated. “The place we met was Grotto 66.”

“Really now…”

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