Life Is Like A Canvas ~ Another Poem For Her

Life is like a canvas
Paint it your way
Make the most wonderful picture you can
Even if your unsure of the plan

But when you’re in love
There’s not one painter; but two
Just try to remember the canvas is for you

As painters we’ll paint on your canvas and mine
Both our pictures are destined to shine
Our futures a mountain, amazing and scenic
There’s many routes to choose, take your pick

But be sure none of the paths will be quick
This mountain is large; but look at the top
It’s a glorious spot

I’ll fight for that seat; on top of the world
We won’t be beat
They can seperate us from coast to coast
From Sea to Sea

But I’m like Odysseus
Nothings stopping me
I might trip and fall
while you stand tall

But I’ll never die
I’ll try and try

We’ll clmb this mountatin
100% percent
Because we don’t descent

Hand in Hand
Stand by Stand
We’ll make it

I promise that.

I love you wondercat! :)

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