Danger-Face: Origins (also demise)

Danger-Face is an ordinary man with an extraordinary face.

The face was constructed by WonderMan, who found an asteroid containing a deposit of Dangerium, a mineral impervious to damage, while battling an alien menace in a distant galaxy.

WonderMan can travel faster than the speed of light and survive in deep space because he is wonderful.

Danger-Face was once WonderMan’s butler, Jeremy Kettles, but he was decapitated by a wayward cannonball thrown by The Giant Pirate, one of Wonderman’s most loathed enemies.

Feeling responsible for Jeremy’s demise, WonderMan used the last of the Dangerium to build him an invincible head and face.

They fought crime together with much derring-do, the face deflecting all attacks. But soon their enemies caught on and started to aim for Danger-Face’s torso and limbs, crippling him.

Then, one dark day, Petticoats the Clown, a terrible villain, dunked Danger-Face into a vat of acid. Within seconds all that remained was the face itself, locked in an expression of agony.

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