My Dearest Emanuelle,

While I’ve hoped I’ve been everything I could be for you, I know that some times I have let you down. This letter is my apology to you and, lest you forget who your father is, a declaration of my spirit.

You know that you had a hard upbringing, but it was as my father who raised me. He taught me to be tough because the world is tough. He taught me right from wrong, just as I had hoped to teach you, but I realize that not all dreams can be reached. That is why we aim for the stars, no? So that if we fall, we may land on a cloud.

I shunned you, my sweet Emanuelle, and with tears I write now in hope that you can one day forgive your father for his foolish ways. When all outlets of love had left, and you turned to family, I, as stubborn as a mule, dismissed you for your crimes just as everyone else had done. It was wrong of me to do so Emanuelle, for you are my blood, and I love you.

I do not have much time left, my son, and I write in haste. I do hope this letter finds you.

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