The Boots

He opened his eyes, the first rays of sunshine coming in through his window. He lay there for a while trying to remember any of the dreams from the previous night without success. As he sat up he looked down to see his new pair of boots.
These weren’t a new pair of boots from the store and they weren’t even his boots. It had been happening for so long now that he knew he shouldn’t be surprised, and yet every morning he found that he was. He couldn’t remember exactly when it had started, the day had been like any other, and the evening the same. He went to sleep undisturbed and awoke the next morning to find his boots were gone, replaced by new boots! He didn’t know where they had come from or who’s they might be, they came in all different colors and styles but they were always the correct size. The boots were usually well worn, but not worn out and were cleaned and polished before being placed next to his bed. He pulled them on, fitting perfectly ready to begin his day in someone else’s boots.

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