Thoughts, Ruminations


The word echoes through my mind. Such a simple word, no? And yet, it means so much. It means to let go, loose that firm grip you have on your memories, cast off the heavy cloak of pain.

The word runs through my mind as the roar of the gun echoes through the room. My grip upon the cold steel does not loosen.


I was never very good at forgiving. The pain swirls around me, makes it hard to forget. To forgive.

Smoke spills out of the barrel as I pull back, grey spirals swirl gently in the air.


A simple word. A simple sound. Three syllables, just like a thousand others. Yet it is this one that is in my head right now. Funny how the mind works, isn’t it?

A simple sound. Just like the small clink as something tubular and metal hits the floor.


It’s an expression of free will, really. A choice. When one chooses to live on, forgetting the hurts of the past.

I’m sure I said I’m not very good at forgetting. My grip upon the cold steel does not loosen.

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