Eye for an Eye

For years he had heard the voices of his parishioners; the teenagers that only did it when they were made to, the adults who were tired of the endless work and loveless marriages. A cheating spouse, he could handle, a thief, a liar- fine. All of these were easily forgiven.
But, a murderer…and a rape?
Father Galli had heard everything in the book, but nothing of this magnitude.
That poor little girl. He had seen the news reports, but the details were vague. Until now.
The man was long gone now, but Father Galli sat mesmerized. He knew the voice, the voice of a murderer.
“..God said evil men must be punished..” said a voice in his head. “That poor little girl… her family…you know that man, you could find him…” said the voice, louder now.
Hands shaking, Father Galli found himself walking down dimly lit streets, a brass crucifix dripping blood on the sidewalk. His eyes darted over his shoulder to where he had left the man, red and blue lights flashed in a house’s window..
“God….God told me..he said-”

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