Thoughts of a Dying Billionaire

“One day, they will all know my name.”

“They do, sir. You are the most successful businessman in all the world.”

“Oh yes, so I am. Well then one day, they will all respect me.”

“This, too, is already the case. Every company worth their mettle wants to do business with you.”

“Hm. In that case, one day, I shall be rich.”

“Do I really need to respond to that one, sir?”

“Quite right, Watford. And so to that I say that one day, I shall be admired.”

“You are admired the world over, sir. Everyone else in the field wants to be you, and you are perhaps the only businessman teenage girls have posters of on their wall.”

“I didn’t actually know that. Perhaps then, one day I shall be loved.”

“You have a wonderful wife and three beautiful children, and have been happily married for eight years.”

“Ah yes. Well then, Watford, perhaps one day I shall be happy.

“Perhaps, sir.”

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