In Between Minds: Tide of Rage

Panic and cursing followed my display of power. It was short-lived as one man snapped orders and the officer’s military conditioning kicked in.

“Back up! Everybody back up! You two, climb those cars over there. On my signal shoot her. Though she appears to have gotten stronger, her maximum range is quite short- measured at just under ten meters. We have her where we want her.” He was smug.

“Yes Polkovnik!”

The Colonel aimed his voice back at me, “I know you heard that. There is nowhere for you to go. For the last time, surrender yourself. We all have our places in life. Mine is in this uniform, yours is Camp Thirty-two. You belong there. Remember, this is not only for your own good but also the good of our country.”

I channeled my anger, anger at myself, anger at Vasily, anger at these men who had chosen to hunt me like an animal. My pain washed away in a tide of rage.

The two closest men collapsed drooling as I hit them with the mental equivalent of a sledgehammer. Mind-wiped. That was my opening.

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