The Catalyst is a Lie

The door flew open and Joey stood there in all of his steroid glory; Zeus come to earth as a frat boy. Karen collapsed into him, crying. He looked like he wanted to tear me apart with his bare hands but he couldn’t do that without untangling himself from his sister. He might be a stupid meat-head but he knew that Karen needed him more than she needed him to kick my ass.

I held my hands up as if he had a gun. “Look, I don’t know what she’s talking about. I just got home and she was freaking out.”

Karen’s head whipped up and she turned with hate in her eyes. “LIAR! How can you say that WHEN I HAVE PROOF THAT YOU ARE CHEATING ON ME!” She fumbled around for her phone. “I sent you ONE pic out of EIGHTEEN!”

“You cheatin’ on my sister, bro?” Joey took a threatening step toward me.

“No! That’s what I’m trying to say. Someone is setting me up.” I pleaded.

“Look at this! Tell me he isn’t cheating on me!” Karen shoved her phone into her brother’s face. Joey took one look at it and snarled, “You’re a dead man.”

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