I Love you, Always.

On I drive, through this burnt and desolate land. The once life abundant trees stand dead.

The only sound that can be a heard is a single black crow; its constant screams chill me to the bone. Everything is black and white. Even my own reflection is colourless. In fact, I would forget the meaning of colour was it not for the surreal blood red sunset. And whilst shaking all over from the weight of my dread and fear, I am even more horrified by the concept of what will happen if my fear over comes me.

The lonely land seemed continue forever, as did the early cry from the crow. Did it understand my grief? Or was it too crying for a lost lover?

Yet, I know he is here somewhere. I can feel it. Sure enough just a few minutes later, I see him. I turn off the eerily silent engine and approach my once lost lover.
The crow falls silent. The elation of our embrace causes me to forget those last few seconds.

On, and while and while we were yet to close it at a turn in the road I perceive. I love you, always.

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