Morning Treat

Ryan paces into the living room, Jessica sits in the breakfast nook, silent like only a woman can be moments before an argument.
Living together for only two weeks, and I’m already in trouble Ryan thinks.
Jessica reviews their thirty days as a couple living together, wishing she could put it off a few more years.
Women are so non-confrontational he thinks, avoiding her eyes.
Men are such superficial bastards she thinks, observing the size of their apartment, finding it unfit.
Ryan realizes she isn’t going to say good morning, reaches for a powdered doughnut, ready to see who breaks the silence first.
Jessica, furious that he hasn’t said good morning to her, stares him down.
Ryan, not one to quit, takes a big bite of his powdered pastry.
Jessica drops a bomb, “I’m pregnant.”
Ryan, in shock tries to open his mouth to speak, gasps in powdered sugar begins to cough uncontrollably.
Jessica storms out of the room.
Ryan gasps for air, hoping for the revelation to be untrue, unfazed by the idea of suffocating.

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