He’s lying…” said a wispy voice between us.

She just looked at me in shock, which quickly changed to disappointment. I couldn’t say anything, so I just sit there, her hands in mine, with that same half-truth-smile on my face.

Wordlessly, she turned and walked away.

All day this plagued me. My boss asked about the TPS reports I hadn’t filed, and I told him they were with Anette.
He never filled them out…”
“I’m sorry I missed the meeting. It won’t happen again.”
He’d rather sleep in…”
“Could you lend me some money for rent this week?”
He wants a new stereo…”
“Sorry, I’m going to be too busy to hang out that week.”
He doesn’t really like you…”

I swear, we may take them for granted but be careful what you use them for, or your words might just start to speak for themselves.

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