“Beatrice please, listen to me! It was just one time-”
“Once is enough,” Beatrice cut in, sharpness in her voice.
Alan started again. “It’s all just a great misunderstanding! I did not do anything with Milly Weaver.”
“Then what did you do?,” Beatrice asked angrily. She was starting to get thoroughly annoyed with Alan.
“We just danced. That’s all.”
Danced? You expect me to believe that?”
Alan lost his composure and grabbed Beatrice’s arm. “Please understand! I don’t want you to leave me, leave us.”
Beatrice swatted him away. “We’ve been through all of this countless times. If this happens any longer, I’m going to end this.”
“But, but we’ve been through so much together…we can’t just let it all go.”
“I sure as hell can. If I can’t trust you, well..”

There was a sudden silence as Beatrice ended. They stood looking at each other, unblinkingly staring into the other.
“What should we do now?,” Alan asked quietly, now looking downwards.
“I honestly don’t know.”

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