I knew my life would be changed when I saw my parents in the sitting room, talking to a well-dressed stranger. The three of them were in a deep conversation; it apparently wasn’t going too well, for there was look of worry on my mother’s face, and my father looked terribly tired.

“Is anything the matter?,” I asked hesitantly, not sure if I was to intrude or wait until they were done.

“Oh, Yvaine, there you are,” my mother said brightly. “We have great news for you dearest. Please sit.”

I sat down on one of the free chairs, and as soon as I my bottom hit the cushion the stranger began to talk.

“Miss Bowen, you recall taking a test?”
I nodded. He continued, " Because of your test results, you will be going to Yale as part of an experiment. Of course, it will be all expenses paid-"
I cut him off. “What experiment?”
“Oh, yes, that. You see, on the behalf of the New England Philosophical Society, you will be part of an experiment that will test to see if women are as intelligent as men.”

I was stunned.

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