Stand by Me

We stood there, he and I. We were alone, and silence filled the room. Neither of us wanted to speak first. After what seemed like eons, John spoke up first, albeit downwards at his shoes, and said, “I…I’m so sorry for what I’ve done, Lizzie. I didn’t mean for it to happen. Please, please understand.” He slowly looked up towards me, looking for any signs of hope that I might recant my position. Finding nothing, he continued, “I know I was – and will continue to be – in the wrong, but please forgive. Just this once.”

Something twinged inside me. I know not what it was, but it stirred me. My heart had softened against my will. I hesitantly walked toward John, and hearing my footfalls, he looked up at me curiously, wonder as to what I would do. As I neared him, I put my arms around John, embracing him. We stood awkwardly there, with me holding him, and he too stunned to do anything.

“I forgive you.”

I felt tears rain on my head as I heard John say, “I knew you would.”

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