In Between Minds: Storm of Consequences

I awoke to the rhythmic staccato of a moving train, and to a pair of voices. Soft-spoken, yet stern they discussed my future. My mouth tasted of blood and my head felt like someone had used it as a football. I didn’t think I was hallucinating- this time.

“She must learn some measure of control!” The man’s harsh whisper was full of anger.

The woman’s voice was a warm counter-point, she reminded me of mama. “I agree. She’s so strong, so very strong- much stronger than we were warned.”

“That little stunt is going to draw lots of attention. People for kilometers around are going to have to deal with the residue of her fallout. They won’t know what’s happening either. Fights will break out without reason. Suicides will go up as the depression spreads. Worse, all emotional states will be contagious for thirty-six hours. Lucky for her, the chaos will do much to hide her whereabouts and our involvement.”

He paused and behind closed eyes I could sense him looking at me. “Our tattooed little rabbit is awake.”

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