Aussie! Aussie! Aussie!

Beer-Gut Man was getting more and more depressed. He’d auditioned for every known super-hero group that he could find and was still yet to be accepted into one. Being Australia’s only recognised person with super powers, he yearned to be a part of a recognised amalgamation of people with super powers. He wanted his fellow Australians to be proud of him.

He believed his powers were pretty cool. Downing a can of Fosters gave him two hours flying time and a stubby of Cascade Premium Light gave him a bullet-proof beer gut. Main criticisms were that he couldn’t fly very fast (top speed: 60 km per hour), and having to down a full bottle to gain his bullet-proof-ness wasn’t exactly convenient in a crisis.

Every group was apologetic, but that didn’t stop the blues. That is, until he met Belch Girl (from The Super Ordinaries), who was touched by his sorrow. She got to know him, gave him an idea, and now he is busy all year ’round as a massive attraction at fundraisers for deserving charities. They marry in August.

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