More Than Just Letters on a Page

The hours of slaving over his workbench had finally set the stage for his research. He’d read the ancient tome countless times, but there’s only so much one can learn from simply reading the characters. He needed to know the spirit of the writing, the intent, and all that this book had directly witnessed.

Beneath the book a sigil had been carefully drawn upon the oak surface of his desk, using the same mixture of pigments that had initially scribed the work. A ring of paper scraps and gold leaf surrounded the book to complete the recreation of the works’ material soul.

The Researcher then drank from the draught of recreated ink, paper and gold. The room spun and his stomach revolted against the vile liquid. As he doubled over, a voice entered his mind.

“Are you alright, sir?”

His eyes snapped open. The discomfort was pushed out of his mind as he realised that the link had been properly established. “Yes… yes, just fine, thank you.”

The book cleared its non-existant throat. “Shall we begin?”

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