The Map Maker

He circled around them, his MULE closely behind. He had put away his standard rifle. Carried his Barret. The situation now called for extreme measures. Observe and act. It wasn’t exactly part of the job, but it would done. Carlos had been a banker. His interest in maps was formal, trivial and completely amateur. Now, it was his way of living. The group he had been asigned to, knew nothing of the area.
Kyle and his group seemed to want to survive, yet they were going south. The hordes of the North were nothing to the destruction and carnage that was taking place there. He had just come back from that area. His cache full of weapons and ammo, his medical supplies short. His maps were extensive and perhaps the best that remained in the world.
6 months…that’s all it took, for the Internet to go down. For the satellites to fall out of the sky. The result of panic among those in power.
He made camp near the woods, close to the trails.
Termination orders in, examine and extract. Terminate all others…

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