Not a Moment to Spare (1)

Over hundreds of years of military history, the Duffel Bag has never gotten much smaller in size.

Jain released his bag onto the bunk with a thud, then took a brief look out the window over the water as he took a momentary breather. First day on a new assignment. One of many things that you can never be fully trained to handle with grace and style. He turned back to his bag and began to unpack.

“Rona, right? You’re our new Ops Spec?” Jain turned to face the Soldier who addressed him. A quick glance at the lapel told him he didn’t need to salute. “Yeah. Just trying to unpack so I can get to my post.”

“Right, then. I was sent here to make sure of that.” He seemed a bit nervous and skittered away as soon as the message was delivered.

Five minutes later, Jain walked into the Ops deck to a fair bit of commotion. Coms and Ops were shouting back and forth trying to make sense out of whatever it was that he hadn’t been briefed on yet. He grabbed the arm of a nearby officer and asked for a report.

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