Midnight II

He could almost smell her. The wind blew once more, moving the thick branches of a tree in the yard and allowing the moon to cast a pale glow on the back steps. There she was, frozen in terror. The moon shone on her like a spotlight.
She knew he was there. She didn’t look at him but her body language was practically screaming how she could feel his presence. His approach would have to be carefully executed so he moved forward more slowly. Her head jerked slightly in his direction but she still didn’t move. He inched ever closer.
She turned suddenly and their eyes met. She was going to run. It was time to close in. As he had thought she turned and bolted around the side of the house. But he was bigger than her, faster. He closed the distance between them in mere seconds. Before she could reach the gate to the front he took her down. There was a struggle of limbs, teeth and nails. She fought to break free but his grip was like a vice, pinning her down. She could barely squeak a plea for mercy.

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