Not a Moment to Waste (3)

The next day, Jain woke from a fitful sleep. He’d been working on all night and had finally been ordered to bed. The splitting headache was rationalised as stress as he pulled on his uniform jacket and headed back to Ops Deck.

The cleanup from the… He couldn’t even CALL it an attack… had progressed just fine. Windows replaced, corpses removed, consoles repaired. Apparently he wasn’t the only one present with a headache. Most of his Ops crew who had been on duty during the event were rubbing their temples as well.

“So has anyone got any new Ideas as to what the hell happened yesterday? I’ve never seen the Cithids act like that before.” No one spoke up. Jain decided to head over to a Library console to comb through the history of their insectoid neighbors for ANY sort of clue…

After about an hour of research, a courier arrived and delivered a message to Jain asking for his presence on the Med Deck. Perfect. Might be able to snag an analgesic while there.

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