Time's Up (4)

He made his way through the hallways with his escort and arrived facing a nervous looking Med Tech in a lab coat and a facemask.

“We’ve found something about the Cithids, sir. I think I know why they attacked.” Jain perked up. “Pray enlighten me, Tech. Those bugs are usually the most peaceful blokes I’ve known.”

She lead him over to an autopsy table where one of the fallen invaders had been splayed open for study. Wheeling over a portable scanner, she positioned it over the brain cavity of the subject and pointed out a few details.

“Well, sir… We’ve found evidence of spores in their brains similar to the Cordyceps found on Earth. We fear that…”

She stopped as a bullet from Jain’s service revolver entered her head. The remaining shots found five other Techs before Jain himself was subdued. He was freed from the headache, but propogated the malicious payload as he hit the floor.

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