Midnight III

She wasn’t going to make it. With her air supply squelched and her blood oozing from several wounds her strength quickly waned. In moments she lay lifeless.
He held his position a little longer, wanting to ensure she was truly extinguished. When satisfied he simply lifted her limp form and walked through the gate, leaving the scene without a second glance. No one had been disturbed by the silent battle that had transpired.
Now he must take her back. He owed this prize to a friend. He didn’t have many friends to speak of but this one had been very good to him over the years. This offering felt like an appropriate expression of his gratitude. The destination wasn’t far, a farm on the edge of town which he reached within an hour. He hurried through the corn field, her mangled body barely slowing him down. He reached the main house and found the windows dark. His friend must be asleep. Having no way in himself, he would have to wait. That was all right. He could bide his time.

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