Midnight IV

He walked around the house and stopped at the back door. Laying her corpse in front of it, he sat beside her to wait once again. Finally, he could relax. He passed the few hours fussing with his coat, drifting in and out of sleep and at one point licking the blood from between his fingers.
It wasn’t until the sun was rising that he heard sounds from within the house. He stood and stretched, eager to be received by his friend. Eventually the back door opened to reveal the very person he revered. She looked down at him and frowned.
“Ew!” she said. She leaned back inside the house. “Mom, Midnight got another mouse!”
Her expression was of disgust but he didn’t notice, or else didn’t care. He purred with contentment, walking towards his friend to nuzzle her leg. She bent down and scratched him on the head.
“Good boy, Midnight…”

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