Lord of the Pens

Boris was frustrated. The H2 pencil he had just sharpened had broken it’s tip again, and he had made a large, ugly scratch mark on the previously virginal paper. You see, Boris did not like ballpoint pens, in fact he hated them so much that he’d rather write with a pencil. And nothing but an H2 would do.

He sharpened the pencil and on new paper continued the inventory of the pens on his desk.
3234) silver metal heavy twist blue 20090615-12:11
3235) translucent white plastic light push black 20090615-12:16
3236) silver/black metal medium twist black 20090615-19:03
3237) black/silver metal very heavy twist black 20090615-20:47
3238) orange/red plastic light cap red 20090615-22:00

With the inventory completed, he gathered the pens and with disgust threw them into a large container next to his desk. He had found out long ago that throwing them in the trash would just make them appear again.

As for the pens, all they knew is that they loved Boris and wanted to be near him.

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