The Last Jihad

“Allah be praised – death to all future infidels.

This video shall serve to be the last images of me prior to my entry into paradise, I having traveled into the future to strike a final blow against Crusaders and Zionists, wiping them from the face of the earth.

Due to the obtaining of two new technologies from the West, one being a device that allows chronological forward movement in time, and the second being a device that demolecularizes nonbelievers while leaving The Faithful unmolested, I am now entered into the final stage of the last jihad. Exactly 100 years in the future, all infidels will die.

I bid you farewell, my family. I will see you in paradise."

The screen went blank and the lights came up.

The Director studied for a moment, then said, “You sold him a time machine and a bomb that targets non-muslims?”

The agents murmered afirmation. One added, “Bomb being the operative word, Director.”

“Shows how desperate they are though,” mused another.

Somewhere, an explosion went off.

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