The Steamer

Paul had his eyes set on this bike, The Steamer, complete with 8 gears, attachable passenger seat, and NoS tanks. The price tag was $200. That’s expensive to a 12 year old. His parents weren’t fond of the bike’s price either.

Paul decided to cut people’s lawns for cash.

Paul’s brother Jimmy wanted the bike too, but Paul told him he had to help with the last lawn. He left it all to Jimmy.

Jimmy went to cut Mr. Trump’s lawn. Jimmy mowed over a stone halfway through the mowing, which caused friction under the lawnmower with the fast rotating blades. A fire ensued; the lawn was ablaze. The bush sculpture of Mr. Trump was even engulfed in flames. Mr. Trump came out boiling red screaming, his toupee bouncing. “You’re fired!”

News got back home. Paul was devastated he had to give up all his earnings to fix Mr. Trump’s lawn.

Jimmy came home and shrugged.“Paul the grass is always greener on the other side.”
Jimmy went black. Paul walked away “It still doesn’t make me feel better.”

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