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“What I’m about to tell you is probably the most important piece of information you will ever receive in your life. Don’t stop listening for any reason, if this is on speaker, turn it off and put the phone to your ear. Tonight, around 11 or 11:30 they’ll come. They won’t show mercy, nor will they answer your questions. What I want you to do right at this moment is go to your father’s closet, approach the metal safe, key in the code ‘3948’ and take the gun. They wont search you for one, so just tape it to your leg or keep it between your pants and your hip. Just keep it with you. Once they put you on the trucks, don’t say a word. They didn’t answer your questions, so don’t answer theirs. You’ll be in this truck for about 4 hours. Once they let you out, you’ll be somewhere you’ve never seen before. Now, listen closely, take out the gun, and”

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