Misguided Soul

Watch Sam go
Go go into the distance
While I, his faithful bike
Remains tossed aside

His trusty
But perhaps
A little rusty
Bike I am

A title I was once proud of
Now not so sure of

Watch Sam go
Go go with his new car
Plenty stronger
Plenty faster
Plenty prettier

Then the car breaks
A failure in all the glamour
So Sam returns returns
To me, his trusty rusty bike

Watch Sam go
Go go with me again!
Sam and I having enough fun
To make me forget the past
Of forgotten

But alas! What’s this?
A new car
Sits in the drive
So shiny it appeared
To wink knowing
Who will triumph

No! Don’t!
Too late
To try
Tossed aside
Simply forgotten

And again…

Watch Sam go
Go go with that shiny car
Forget all I’ve done
Forget all we’ve done
Forget it all
Leave me
Your trusty rusty bike
On the sidewalk

And who knows
Perhaps someone
More caring will pick me up

But until then
I watch Sam

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