It Will Only be My Pain

I knew he couldn’t understand. He knows his abilities limits. He knows what it is, exactly what he does. It has a name. He had help during development, not people telling him to figure it out. He didn’t hurt people as I have.

I closed my eyes and took a deep breath trying to swallow what pain I could. There was no way I could let my temper slip. I couldn’t chance it.

When I opened my eyes both of his palms were flat on his lap, and the rest of him was limp.

“Jake, what are you doing?” I asked, but I already knew.

“Jake no, don’t do this. It’s not safe. I am not going to hurt you. Get away!” I could feel the pressure of him trying to get in. “Jake!” I screamed, “Stop being stupid! I can’t let you. You know what happens!” I stood up and backed away from him. “You can’t do this to yourself!”

I could sense him, my whole arm was burning, following him pacing up and down against my mind. “You aren’t getting in! You aren’t!”

“Please Jake. Don’t make me.” My knees gave way and I collapsed sobbing to the ground.

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