Retroactive Illumination

My life has been a full one. I’ve accomplished what I set out to do.

I sit here surrounded with not only those who have accompanied on my journey through this life, but also by my collected works. The sum of man’s knowledge has been preserved here to ensure that it will survive the dark ages to come.

To ensure that the collection was created and preserved properly, I have had to oversee my portion of it personally these long years. Shortly, my protégé will receive the commission to continue my work.

I knew this was a one-way trip, but this assignment will rewrite a history I have never known.

The Project was simple: to use the newly discovered technology of returning to previous points in time to recover the thousand years of technological stagnation that blighted Man’s history. I am one of a long line of those who have sacrificed our lives for this cause from which we will never benefit.

We do this for mankind itself.

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