History's Lapse

Moving closer to inspect this bizarre looking mist, I find that I can’t quite place why it’s wrong. Something about it is off, just slightly askew.

Looking into it from a distance does no good. It’s too thick and I can’t see more than a few inches in before everything disappears into itself. The few glimpses I get are horrifying. Movement much faster than any animal I’ve ever seen. No discernible grass or trees.

What sort of place doesn’t have grass? Or trees?

And even despite my fears, I find myself moving closer and closer. Reaching out to touch these monstrosities. Having spent my entire life as an apprentice to the Alchemist. I know that I’ve likely inhaled something he was concocting.

Wait!? Is that animal metal?! I certainly must be seeing things! When my mind clears, I’m going to have to let Master Abbey know of these effects. I can’t imagine he’d desire them on others.

Now that I know what is happening, these things don’t seem nearly as frightening. I wonder if I can touch…


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