Old Foundations

Creeping through the brush, Jenny kept low and darted from tree to tree. Above her, explosions began to dot the sky. Professor Wulfe was her friend and mentor but his flair for theatrics was going to get him killed. There was no reason to reveal his airship when a dozen other diversions would do. If they both got out of this alive, she’d tell him exactly what she thought of his little surprise. Jenny sighed and flicked the screen off.

Shaking her head ruefully she knew it wouldn’t do any good. When he was in scientist mode, he was as focused as a laser, but he lived for moments like this. He said it was moments like these that made life worth living and nothing she could say would change that.

Loud voices hollared military chatter back and forth ahead of her. They didn’t know that they were looking for one girl instead of an elite strike force. She circled around the voices, keeping her distance. It didn’t matter what part of the castle wall she ended at, she was confident that she could scale any wall.

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