Paradoxes: Synopsis of a Tear Drop

Forever isn’t true
Beyond you
You who sees through
Eyes that live
Who thinks in a mind
Confined to pine
For what’ll give
A survivor’s finder’s
Fee - A distinctive
Instinctive ostentatious banality
Wrought with haves
And halves of have nots
And grabs of sad
Simultaneously glad
Slabs of all you’ve got
Moving from cold to hot
Soothing sold bones
Sunken near the stove top.
Losing all goals
Rolling like a tear drop
When all un-done-ing
Starts to stop…
Because forever
Is your own endeavor
Always remember
Kids born in December
Who ought to pull the strings
Who fought that which controls all things
And thought…
If my gift is to know of nothing
Before or after
This life I breathe
Then indeed
What it means
Seems to matter
To me
I’ll be here eternally
The life in me is all I’ve known
From boy to grown
From joy to gloam
For as long as I have known, endlessly,
Imbedded in the past everlasting tremendously
Small as shards of shattered glass
Tall, large, dull in death life will outlast
Alive in our past.

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