On Him

Suddenly, one of the boys came over to our table. “Hello, excuse me Miss, I’ll pay for these young kids right here.” He said, speaking with a slight Irish accent. The waitress glared at him for a second but gave him the bill. He paid for it in cash, and the waitress soon left.
“My name is Brendin. Who’d you might be lad?” He said quickly to me. I ignored him, grabbed Sandra’s hand, and walked away. “I can tell you’re not a city kid, are you?” He observed keenly as he followed us. “Do you even have a place to stay?” He asked us while chuckling.
He was reading me like an open book.
“You look like you’ve never set foot in a city like this, are ya sure you don’t need directions?” He asked.
I turned around swiftly. “We don’t need directions; We can get where we need to just fine, so stop following us!” I yelled. He stopped. “I’m sorry about that; You just look kind of young to be in a city like this alone.” He said quietly. I began to walk faster until I ran into the other boy.

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