"Empire State of Mind" parody PART 1

Cruisin’ down Wayne street
Now I’m down at Sea Dweller’s
Right next to Staples
I’ll be geek forever

Mayor Dick Hickman
Sitting next to AMS
That’s because he lives right there
Yeah, they love him everywhere

At Angola Middle Shool
Anne Rice is the very best
Now on to the highschool
There you’ve got the Hornet nest

Right up at the mound, hey
Herald Republican
Poppin’ out stories
Buy your paper on Sunday

Driving down Gale street
Red explorer
Watch where you’re driving though
The potholes are a horror

Me and “homies”, yo.
Stop to grab a bite to eat
Samantha’s House of Pancakes
Their flapjacks really can’t be beat

Tri-State Thunder
Please excuse my blunder!
Blindin’ people on the sidelines with my killer serve

Man this town is tiny
You’ll miss it on a GPS
But you can tell from the corn fields that you’re in…

_ Angola, we’re all related to eachother, my stepdad’s your brother._
_ Oh in Angola, all kids know how to play baseball, run bases before they crawl._
Let’s hear it Angola, Steuben County…

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