"Empire State of Mind" parody PART 2

Catch me at Pokagon or swimming in Lake James.
Don’t forget your sunscreen, come have some summer fun and games.
Potawatomi Inn
Named after the Indians
Now I got my BFFs and we are gonna dine in.

Crossroads of America
No drugs to be selling, ya’ll.
Drug free community.
Home of the Hershey Hall.

Caruso’s, Timber’s, Village Kitchen, Mickey D’s.
Come on by Scoops, yo, get your mom a Boston Freeze.

Hey, the memorial.
Center of our little town.
Dedicated to all the soldiers who’ve fallen down.

Don’t upset the lakers, man.
Driving in here every spring,
Flashing all their shiny boats, flaunting all their gaudy bling.

Ringing up their Visa cards,
They keep all of us employed.
Filling up our bank accounts, they seal our monetary void.

Long live Troyer!
Forget Mark Sauder!
‘Cause you’re in…

Angola, we’re all related to eachother, my stepdad’s your brother.
Oh in Angola, all kids know how to play baseball, run bases before they crawl.
Oh in Angola, Steuben County…

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