"Empire State of Mind" parody PART 3

101 lakes? Most are just ponds.
Take a step, cut your foot, of zebra shells I’m not fond.
Full of duck poop disease
tiny little red hives.
Jeez this stuff is itchy
Don’t forget your sunscreen

There really is no “down town”
But it’s not run down
In the winter it’s cold
Get your Snuggies out!

Hometown of Lloy Ball
He plays Olympic volleyball
Gold medalist
There’s only one of him.

We ain’t got no bus stops
We ain’t got no taxis
If you like Coronas
We’ve got a Wacky Jack-sy’s

If one Wednesday night you’re craving some MExican
Chow down at Las Limas
They’ve got a Mariachi band.

Carnegie Public Library’s gotta lotta books, right?
Jocks, nerds, bookworms, addicted to the Twilight
Tony’s Bistro’s got you needing ’nother refill
OMG, LOL, their breadsticks really could kill!

Angola, we’re all related to eachother, my stepdad’s your brother.
Oh in Angola, all kids know how to play baseball, run bases before they crawl.
Let’s hear it Angola, Steuben, County…

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