...Before The Dawn

I was in such a slump.
What a dump it was.
A girl had left me broken.
Lost like a Brazilian in Hoboken.

But I don’t care; nor despair.
Because now I’m walking on air
She was the rope while I was drowning,
But I’ve learned how to swim

So let her go make out with Jim or even Kim.
Because I don’t love her anymore.
If I gave her all the tears I shed as money she’d be pretty poor.

Because even though our relationship shook me to the core;
I know there’s a better girl in store.
So go on kiss up on Jim.
I hope you get preggy then marry him.

I don’t hate you but then again I don’t like you much either.
Your as good to me as a broken bike or dead golden retreiver.
You’ve taught me how to weild my pen like a meat cleaver.
As skillfull as a master weaver.
As hungry as a toothless beaver.

But don’t worry; I won’t tear you to shreds.
Because to me your already dead.

- Your Ex

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