Automatic Response


Sounds complicated, doesn’t it?

Humans have struggled to come to grips with the emotion and it’s effects on the psyche for millenia. Some are desperate to find it, some wish they didn’t feel it, some even think it doesn’t exist.

It does.

I know because I feel it every time she walks by and my heart skips a beat, even though I don’t have one.

There’s such a thing as “automatic response.” Human or otherwise, you simply do certain things without thinking. I work in the service industry, so when I hear someone call for a waiter, I turn toward them. Even when I’m not on the job. When someone puts their hand out, I shake it. My diplomatic programming in action, appropriate to the social sort of work I was built for.

When I see her, what I feel is as automatic as the pulsing of my power source.

She hasn’t had a reason to come into the coffee shop where I work. She walks by, running errands. She hasn’t noticed me.

But then, I haven’t given her a reason to notice me.

I wonder if she drinks coffee?

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