In Between Minds: Disconcerting Revelations

Several piles of clothes in various cuts and sizes had been provided. I started getting dressed, selecting pieces for durability and warmth. I never wanted to be cold again. The conversation continued in my head and as confusing as it was, I needed answers.

Are you saying that we’re like pieces of a puzzle? I imagined an incomplete jig-saw puzzle.

Something like that. Val seemed amused by the comparison.

What can I do?

Work with me. Learn from me. I remember many more of the lessons than you do. That’s how I’ve been able to do the things I’ve done. When we have time, we’ll go to her. I’ll show you when the time is right. For now she’s as much a resource as she is a liability.

I will I promised. Where do you go when you’re not with me? And who are those people who’ve come to help me?

A knock sounded on the bathroom door. A concerned voice followed. “Are you okay in there? The food is getting cold.”

Val’s answer frightened me.

They’re not here to help you. They’re here to sell you.

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