Quick Considerations

There exist moments in life, crossroads of fate. More often than not they come and go with hardly a notice. Ordinary people miss them entirely; that’s why they’re ordinary, of course. Seizing a moment is like grabbing hold of a string fully aware that it’s attached some larger, unseen thing that’s likely to tug you along violently into unknown paths.

The redhead was half way across the parking lot, strutting like a catwalk model. The pair inside were still obliviously cleaning away at the frothy alcoholic mess. Considerations blazed through my mind.

How wrong is wrong? What does insurance cover? Metallica? How badly do I really need gas? How did she get into those jeans? What am I waiting for?

Barely resisting the urge to do a Duke boys slide across my hood, I dashed for the driver’s seat and fired up the old GTO.

With a spurt of gravel I was along side her to call through the open passenger window, “Hey Bonnie, you need a lift?”

She looked confused then grinned as she got the reference.

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